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In Jersey, more than 70% of the population who have a mobile device use a Smartphone. Most of us now consider being constantly connected as the norm, and the idea of returning home or to the office to check emails or go online seems quite outdated.

In keeping with this, citizens expect to see a similar 'mobile' approach to policing, with updated processes and practices that allow officers to stay in the field for longer.

Officers benefit from more meaningful interactions with the public through instant access to the information they need, and paperwork and administration are reduced saving both time and money.

Through the introduction of mobile devices and more efficient processes, the SMARTPolice project will enable the SoJP to more effectively fight crime, and more efficiently serve and protect the local community while reducing overall costs and budget.

- More officers in the field
- More meaningful police engagement
- Simpler, higher quality processes
- Improved collaboration
- Cash savings

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