Keep Presents Out of Sight

This festive season officers are advising people not to leave presents in their cars on view for opportunist thieves to steal.

We can get all whipped up with Christmas spirit when shopping and forget how important it is not to leave valuables on show in vehicles.

Locking your car may seem like an obvious message but it’s surprising how many people still leave their cars unlocked. We want everyone to enjoy Christmas and not have to deal with the aftermath of theft.

Crime Reduction Officer Chris Ingham said:

“Although Jersey is still a very safe place to live we do see an increase in thefts from motor vehicles over the Christmas period. It can be easily prevented as many thieves are opportunists, if they see valuables and an unlocked car they will make the most of it. We don’t want to see anyone’s Christmas spoilt by something that could be prevented in the first place.”

Officer’s top tips are –

 Lock your shopping bags in the boot – never leave things in sight on the seats
 Leave high value items until last, so they are not left unattended
 If possible park within sight of CCTV
 Remember to lock your car and set the alarm
 If you see anything suspicious, report it immediately to police

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