Fake Advert Warning

A recruitment advert was placed in the Jersey Evening Post looking for people to carry out research and data gathering. The job offered a salary of between £420 - £760 a week and appeared to have been placed by local company Deloitte.

This advert is in fact a scam, Deloitte have confirmed to police that they have nothing to do with this advert in anyway and we want to warn the public about this.

If you responded to this advert you would have received a foreign cheque for a sum of between £4,000 - £5,000 which you would have been asked to bank and then once cleared, part of the ‘research’ you are required to do is send a portion of the money to an address using MoneyGram. They will ask that it is done quickly so they can test the timing of MoneyGram and will be quite insistent that you let them know as soon as the money is in your account so that you can start the so called research.

The email address starts with the word ‘erinna’

Of course once it is discovered that the cheque you banked is either fake or stolen, and this can take up to 10 days, the cheque will be withdraw and you are then liable for the amount if you have already withdrawn it.

Investigations are currently taking place to try and trace the person placing the advert and we would like to remind the public to be on their guard against scammers when considering responding to similar adverts in the future and seek advice if in any doubt. In this case advice could have been sought by contacting the Police or Deloiite themselves to confirm if it was a genuine advert.

The advert in question is shown below

Fake Job Advert


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