Operation Stamp - Sentencing

This morning former Police officer Peter Philip Whitehouse was sentenced to 3 years in prison and placed on the Sex Offenders Register for 5 years after being charged with 7 counts of Possession of Indecent Images of Children.

Whitehouse, 57, who was arrested earlier this year, was employed by Prison Me No Way as an educator. The States of Jersey Police conducted a thorough investigation and uncovered no evidence of contact offending. Prison Me No Way regard the safety and welfare of young people as paramount and have robust mechanisms in place to ensure that. Throughout the investigation there was no evidence to suggest that any children were at risk.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Mark Hafey said:

“The downloading of indecent images of children is not a victimless crime….. Victims are abused in order to create the images. People who download these images are increasing the demand which clearly leads to further abuse. We will pursue and deal robustly, without fear or favour, those who sexually exploit and abuse children, whether this be through possession of indecent images of children or those who contact offend. As long as offenders, like Whitehouse, are prepared to download these images, a market exists for the perpetuation of all that misery.”

“There is a multi-agency approach to protecting children in Jersey and we hope that the Whitehouse case sends a strong message to offenders that downloading indecent images of children encourages and supports this vile child abuse. The internet is not a safe, anonymous space for accessing images like these. They leave a digital footprint which we will find and bring those offenders to justice.”


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