2014 Annual Report

The Home Affairs Minister has issued the States of Jersey Police (SOJP) Annual Report for 2014 to the States Assembly following it’s preparation by the Jersey Police Authority (JPA).

This is the first Annual Report to be delivered by a Police Authority in Jersey and it has been created following successful collaboration between the members of the Authority and the States of Jersey Police Force.

Chairman Jonathan White has said “This year’s report covers the first full year that the JPA has overseen the performance of the States Police.  It represents a very positive year for policing in Jersey and the JPA is confident in the work that the SOJP and, in particular, it's senior officers,  have done in order to ensure that policing is carried out in an effective way and one which meets the needs of our Island residents”

The Police Authority have presented a report that identifies the many challenges that the States Police face on a daily basis, as well as documenting the many highlights that they also achieve. The JPA is conscious of the fact that the States of Jersey Police have to provide a variety of services and, on many occasions, have to "multi-task" as they are required to provide a wide range of services across a very varied spectrum.  The States Police do this well although they are likely to come under additional pressure as a consequence of the savings that are being sought across all of the government sectors.

States of Jersey Police Chief Officer, Mike Bowron has said “I am pleased that the Jersey Police Authority has started to benchmark our services and can independently verify our performance.  We have amongst the lowest levels of crime, highest detection rates and a broadly similar workforce profile when compared to UK Police Forces. But policing in Jersey is a lot more than just low crime and high detection. We provide a full range of public safety activities, and a lot of the work also goes on behind closed doors. The increasingly complex and diverse nature of policing now includes handling issues of mental health, cyber-crime, child sexual exploitation, threats of  terrorism and human trafficking to name just a few. Equally, in response to the current pressure on public sector funding, throughout the year we identified and implemented a number of efficiency projects as well as developing a new Performance Framework against which we (and the Jersey Police Authority) can identify opportunities for further improvement, as well as being held to account for our activities and performance.”

Home Affairs Minister Deputy Kristina Moore said “In its first year the Jersey Police Authority has proved itself to be a most valued and useful critical friend to the States of Jersey Police. I am grateful to the Authority for the time and effort that its members have put into this work and I look forward to continuing with this relationship in the future" 



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