Fail to Stop Witness Appeal

INCIDENT DETAILS: A young male in a Haute Valley School uniform has been walking on the middle of the pavement on Springfield Road from the direction of Robert's Garage towards St. Saviour's Hill. He has been struck to the right calf and to the right elbow as a result of a car mounting the pavement. The car has then driven off without stopping to check on the male’s welfare.

The vehicle in question was a black Ford Fiesta Finesse which drove off towards the direction of Hotel de France.   

DATE and TIME: Tuesday 27th January 2015 between 15:30 and 15:50 hours.

LOCATION: Springfield Road towards the entrance to Fauxbie Terrace

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Grave and Criminal Assault / Fail to Stop and Report an Accident / Dangerous Driving

APPEAL DETAILS: Police are appealing for anyone with information concerning the above incident to make contact with them. 


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