Child sexual exploitation on the agenda

The Safeguarding Partnership Board is joining forces with island agencies and UK colleagues to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation (CSE) as part of an awareness day on Wednesday 18 March. 

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76 cases of suspected CSE were reported to professionals last year in Jersey. The statistic, released today, shows that there are serious concerns about the exploitation of young people in Jersey which are being regularly reported to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).

Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, lead for CSE for the Safeguarding Partnership Board, said in the last year 254 young people had been recorded as going missing 392 times and that this, taken with other indicators, could be one of the key signs that a young person was being exploited.

Det Gull said: “CSE is such a sensitive subject and a type of crime that people may think would not happen in Jersey. The awareness day is to remind people that it can happen anywhere and we all have a duty to protect our young people from this kind of exploitation.

“CSE victims often do not see themselves as victims but rather in a loving relationship, they do not recognise they are being controlled by a manipulative individual and the reality of how they feel is usually something quite different.”

CSE is a form of sexual abuse that involves the manipulation and/or coercion of young people under the age of 18 into sexual activity.

The States of Jersey Police, were joined by other agencies last year, to embark on a high profile campaign last year to explain to the public what CSE is, who it effects and where to get help.

A week of activities have been planned to promote the awareness day, including:

  • Airing three commercials produced by the States of Jersey Police last year on Channel TV, as well as using social media to promote a feature length video telling the stories of the three girls from the advert
  • Raising awareness via social media awareness using #CSEDay15 and #CSE
  • The Police Chief will join other Police Chiefs across the UK in taking a publicity photo condemning CSE
  • Posters have been developed to place around the island, and can be downloaded from the States of Jersey Police website.
  • A number of CSE inputs in schools via Prison! Me! No Way! (see schedule below)
  • A CSE display within Brook clinic and staff there will speak to young people on the subject
  • The Children’s Service will be holding a lunchtime seminar for multi-agency colleagues

Det Supt Gull said: “I would like everyone to watch the videos, look at the posters or talk to one of the agencies so they know all about CSE and if they are then ever concerned about a young person they know what the signs are and most importantly how to get them help.”


More information about warning signs and where to get help is all available by visiting the CSE section of our website

You can also download a CSE Awarness Brochure here


Timetable of events:




Fri 12th March

12.25 x 13.20

14.00 x 15.00

Input scheduled for Haute Vallee Year 11

Tues 17th March


10.35 - 11.10

Haute Vallee Year 10/12 – Assembly

Le Rocquier Year 10 - Assembly 

Wed 18th March

08.30 x 09.30

09.30 x 10.35

Beaulieu Year 9  - (2 x classes)  

Beaulieu Year 8 - ( 2 x classes

Thur 19th March

12.00 x 13.00

14.00 x 14.25

Beaulieu Year 9 ( 2 x classes)

Beaulieu Year 11 – Assembly

Fri 20th March


Le Rocquier Year 11 - Assembly


Other Locations


  • CSE display within clinic, ask those who come into the centre their knowledge on CSE and what they feel we should be telling other young people regarding CSE and we will direct every young person to the CSE section on the Brook website and the local police clips on YouTube.


  • Reshow three commercials on CTV and promote them via social media
  • Social media awareness using #CSEDay15 and #CSE, and using some of the NWG tweets
  • Posters (which will be sent to partners) and we will put up on Intrapol and website and Social Media
  • Community display in town with information leaflets

Children’s Service

  • Facilitate an all day session at Les Quennevais School targeting Year 9s to raise awareness of CSE. 16th March
  • CSE lunch and learn – to facilitate a CSE awareness session in partnership with Brook and Leah Reid (FSW) with Children’s Service staff – field workers and residential staff. St Saviour’s Parish Hall. 18th March

Youth Service

  • To work in conjunction with Children’s Service and Brook in order to raise awareness of CSE with young people in a targeted area – specifically Millennium Park on 20th March

Freedom Church

Social Media awareness

The Bridge

CSE incorporated into Blame my Brain Sessions & Incredible Years. 


Information leaflet sent via parent mail to all parents of pupils in secondary schools


Safeguarding Children Partnership Board Membership

Under the independent chair, the Safeguarding Children Partnership Board includes representatives from the police, Community and Social Services, Children’s Services, Family Nursing and Home Care, Prison, Primary Care Body, Education, CAMHS, Ambulance Service, Health and Social Services, Probation, Honorary Police and the NSPCC.




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