Stay Safe ......Be Aware…..

Unfortunately, scams seem to be everywhere these days, with the perpetrators usually targeting the elderly and vulnerable members of the community. Some of us think we are street-wise and that ‘could never happen to me’ but you’d be surprised at how professional some of the scams are. One local resident targeted recently, recounts her experience hoping it will prevent others being duped.

"I received a phone call via my home line and the person on the other end of the line claimed to be calling from my bank. They advised that my account had been compromised and all of my money, including my savings needed to be moved to a holding account. They then mentioned two amounts of money that were about to be transferred out of my account before midnight. They asked me if I was expecting these transfers and asked for my sort code and account number, which I gave. I suddenly became suspicious and hung up the call. I then called my bank directly and they told me that no such activity had been detected on my account and they referred me to their fraud department."

Do remember that no reputable bank will ask for personal details over the telephone, stay vigilant and protect your personal information.

Here are a few practical tips that can help to keep you safe:

  • Never give bank / personal details to anyone you don’t know
  • Always check the credentials of the company you are dealing with
  • Don’t agree to offers / deals straight away. Always insist on time to think it over.
  • If you get a call out of the blue, be wary, if in doubt, don’t be polite, just hang up.
  • If you receive one of these calls, always wait a few minutes or use a different phone to call your bank back – fraudsters tend to stay on the line when you hang up, keeping the line open.

If you receive any suspicious calls or have any concerns please call the police on 612612.

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