Cyber Crime Campaign - Second Phase

With an increasing number of reported crimes involving a cyber-element, a new campaign was launched earlier this year by the States of Jersey Police, to provide Islanders with up-to-date information regarding online safety.

The campaign focuses on four key elements – parents, the elderly, home security and businesses. Over the year, a number of initiatives will provide exclusive advice to each group, who are all vulnerable in different ways.

The first major element of the campaign was conducted in February, with a leaflet containing 10 top tips on home security being dropped to every home on the Island. This leaflet covered issues including; using secure passwords, protecting your data and avoiding being scammed.

The next phase of this campaign focuses on educating both young people and their parents about the potential pit-falls of socialising online.

Working in partnership with the Education Department, both via curriculum based activities and more specific presentations; the States of Jersey Police has been helping to provide cybercrime education to students of all ages.

PC Joana Carter, the States of Jersey Police Schools Communication Officer, has been visiting Highlands College this term to speak directly with higher education students about the consequences and prevention of cybercrime, as well as conducting inputs to secondary school students throughout the Island, as a new addition to the Prison! Me! No Way!!! Initiative.

“The purpose of these inputs is to educate children about basic ’net-etiquettes’.  All children should be aware of what can happen when they share information on the internet and know that there are procedures in place to prevent them from yielding to crimes such as cyber bullying and harassment.”

Online safety is very much an up-to date issue. It is important that pupils of all ages get this message before they move on to the next stage of their lives.”

To coincide with these cyber awareness sessions, a second leaflet has been designed to help educate parents on protecting their children online. Information and advice on specific areas such as cyber-bullying, sexting, social networking & offensive or illegal online content can all be found within these handouts.

This leaflet will be presented to students at all primary and secondary schools around the Island, for them to take home. An electronic version will also be emailed Island wide to all their parents.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Beechey, the force lead on cyber-crime, said:

“Children today have grown up in a very different world to their parents. They do not regard digital technologies as anything special; it’s neither remarkable in anyway, or especially dangerous. It is simply a part of everyday life. This can be daunting for parents.

“This leaflet will provide parents with more details on the types of concerns their children may have, how you can help them and where you can get additional help and advice.”

Justin Donovan, Director of Education, said:

“Learning about potential dangers is now an essential part of a student’s IT education. Schools are already addressing this issue but we welcome the opportunity to work with the police to promote even greater awareness of this important subject.”

Information on how to stay safe from cyber criminals is also available on national sites or

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