P O Box 500 - No Stamp Needed

Jersey Post now has a dedicated P O Box 500 that you can mail your scam mail directly to the States of Jersey Police to make them aware of the SCAM mail that you are receiving. They can then build a picture about the people and businesses behind all the SCAMs and work with other agencies around the world to tackle the SCAMMERS.

A brave lady presented bundles of her SCAM mail to us earlier this year; she is receiving up to 8 letters a day mostly tempting her to buy her magical lottery winnings, how to secure inheritance monies & psychic help.

Pat says…
’If you are receiving any of these SCAM letters please, please do not be too embarrassed to come forward and use the P O Box 500, so that Jersey Post and the Police can gauge the extent of the problem, The scammers are targeting the elderly and vulnerable people and it needs to STOP’


We firmly believe that Pat is just a number of Jersey residents who are being bombarded by SCAM mail – Age Concern members confirmed that many of them are also targets for these attempted fraud letters.

Pat goes on to explain ‘that when these letters just keep arriving day after day it eventually begins to affect your health adversely and the temptation to reply increases as your resolve is worn down’

Detective Inspector Dave Burmingham urges islanders to post any SCAM mail to the Police via PO Box 500, stating that “realistically we can’t investigate all of these individually, but we can seek to identify new and emerging scam trends and forewarn the public, as well as sharing the more pertinent recurring details with overseas partners, including Action Fraud in the UK, so as to better develop understanding and targeting to criminal activities within those jurisdictions”

Pat asked if Jersey Post could just stop delivering the SCAM letters, Andy Jehan, Director of Postal Operations explains that …”As long as it’s genuine SCAM mail please write P O Box 500 on it pop the letters back into normal post boxes.

We all understand that SCAM mail is distressing to some of our community and the P O Box initiative has been organised to help us to support everyone – please pass on the message and please use the P O Box for genuine SCAM letters only."

Advocate Rose Colley, Council Chairman is passionate about us all pulling together to help protect our community.


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