Extension to Waterfront CCTV System

The States of Jersey Police, following successful consultation with residents and businesses in the area, are pleased to confirm that the installation of four new cameras in the Waterfront zone, are almost complete.

One of the conditions agreed during the planning process for the development of the Castle Quay area of the Waterfront was the funding of an extension to the current CCTV network.

Over the years, our existing camera network has already proved its worth by helping to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to St Helier, detecting crime and apprehending offenders.

The continued development of the Waterfront has created increased activity and since 2013, there have been 394 incidents reported to us, predominantly anti-social behaviour, but also minor crime and instances where we have been concerned about someone’s welfare.

The States of Jersey Police takes the security of all information we collect very seriously. During the planning stage, a full privacy impact assessment was conducted to ensure that data protection issues were addressed.

Perhaps the most obvious change will be the limited installation of signs around the centre of St Helier to remind the public of our cameras. We want to be open with you and we want our cameras to act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking the law.

Our detailed privacy impact assessment is available to view below.



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