Lost Property On-line

During 2014 the States of Jersey Police received 2,786 reports of items which had been lost. 

Reports came in for 506 mobile phones, 583 wallets and purses, 135 pairs of glasses and 471 items of jewellery to name but a few. Some of the more unusual items included hearing aids, false teeth and even an inflatable shark!

Previously all reports came to us via our switchboard, the Enquiry Desk or through the Lost & Found team, we understand that at busy times this can be a time consuming exercise, so to ease the process of reporting lost items to the Police, a dedicated on-line form has been created for the public to use which should enable anyone to easily report an item of lost property. The form also links to information for local mobile phone providers, the Animal Shelter for lost pets and Parish Halls for lost local driving licences.

The form is located on the front page of the States of Jersey Police website and can be accessed at


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