Recorded crime drops again in 2014

Crime in 2014 dropped again – for the fifth consecutive year in a row.

The total number of crimes reported to Police dropped to 3,100, a 3% reduction from 2013 which saw just 3,192 crimes.

That figure is half that of 10 years before, as in 2004 6,640 crimes were recorded.

This coincides with the recent Jersey Annual Social Survey figures which showed that 93% of islanders feel very safe and fairly safe in their communities.

A full breakdown of statistics will be available in the Force’s Annual Report due out later in the year however, some of the highlights include –

• 2014 had the lowest level of recorded crime since records began in 1992
• Burglary was down 13% – from 203 in 2013, to 176 in 2014
• Acquisitive crime was down 15% – from 1,045 in 2013, to 892 in 2014. This includes theft from vehicles down 35% and bike thefts down 14%
• Serious road traffic collisions were down 27% - from 62 in 2013, to 45 in 2014

Chief Officer Mike Bowron said: “It gives me great pleasure to share these figures with the public, and also to hear that islanders feel increasingly safe in their homes and communities. We will work hard to continue to make those who do have concerns feel safe by addressing what is important to them and any fears they have.

“It must be noted however that our calls to action by the public haven’t decreased and neither has the number of people brought through our custody suite. Rather, the nature of what we do has changed significantly and we as a Police Force must continually adapt to these demands. Last year we saw a huge increase in concerns for welfare and missing people, as well as a shift in traditional policing to include the online element of our daily work.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues and staff for all their hard work over the year and of course to the public for their ongoing support. We always welcome your feedback and will continue to provide the service and professionalism you require and of course expect.”


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