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Jersey’s Alcohol and Drug Service and the States of Jersey Police are issuing a warning following information received about a dangerous ‘new psychoactive substance’ known as CHMICA or CHMINACA being available on the streets of Jersey.

This drug has similar effects to cannabis but is 100 times stronger and has been linked to several recent deaths and hospitalisations in Europe, mainly Sweden.

It must be stressed that there are currently no known deaths or hospitalisations in Jersey due to the drug, but it is important to raise awareness that it is circulating.

Adverse effects also include convulsions, raised blood pressure, heart attacks and psychoses. As a consequence, the importation and exportation of this substance has now been made illegal.

Michael Gafoor, Director of the Alcohol and Drug Service said: ‘This is one of the most dangerous synthetic cannabinoids that we have seen in Jersey so far because of the unpredictable and potentially fatal effects it can have.”.

He also warned that if users are going to use a street drug, they should avoid using alone and :
- Start with a low dose – wait and do not double dose
- Do not mix with other substances including alcohol as this increases the risk of seizures and death
- If you begin to feel unwell seek medical help immediately.

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