Driving Complaint


At around 15:35 hours on Tuesday 13th January 2015 a single vehicle has travelled west along GEORGETOWN ROAD and LA ROUTE DU FORT, ST. SAVIOUR.
This vehicle has travelled through the pedestrian crossing situated at the entrance of HOWARD DAVIS PARK on LA ROUTE DU FORT, missing a woman pushing a pram who was using the crossing at the time.

DATE and TIME: Around 15:35 hours 13/01/54

LOCATION: Pedestrian Crossing adjacent to HOWARD DAVIS PARK where GEORGETOWN ROAD meets LA ROUTE DU FORT.

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Driving Complaint

APPEAL DETAILS: Appeal for witnesses to the above detailed incident. In particular Police would like to speak to a woman in her 30s who they believe witnessed the incident; she is described as having been standing at the pedestrian crossing on the opposing pavement and walked off towards the area of ST. CLEMENTS ROAD. She may have been on her mobile phone at the time.


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