Colin Chevalier murder - Police statement

“Today Darren McCormack has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the brutal murder of Colin Chevalier. The untimely death of anyone can be difficult to comprehend, let alone a loved one who died in such horrific circumstances.

“We can only imagine the grief of his family, who lost a loved one in such brutal circumstances and our thoughts go out to them at such a difficult time. Colin was a beloved son, father, brother and friend.

“Today is not a day for vindication or celebration but sad reflection.

“This sentence brings to culmination almost a years’ work by the States of Jersey Police and the Attorney General’s office.

“I would like to pay tribute to the officers and staff from the States of Jersey Police who during the initial 24 hours of this critical incident responded in the most professional way – supported by their Honorary colleagues. Thankfully, incidents of this nature are a rare occurrence here in Jersey but, when they do, the community can be assured their Police Force has the professional skills to ensure a strong prosecution case can be built in partnership with the Law Officers Department. A small number of staff have worked tirelessly on this investigation during the last 10 months beyond their core role, much of that work unseen, in order to ensure the best possible evidence was secured that has today culminated in this outcome on behalf of both Colin & his family.

“Finally I would like to thank all communities affected by this tragedy for their support not only of our investigation but also of each other.”


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