Island advice for Safer Internet Day

Every household across Jersey will receive a leaflet next week offering them basic tips on how to stay safe online.

The all island leaflet drop coincides with Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, February 10th and offers information including how to secure your computer, mobile devices and protecting your data.

The drop is part of a long-term campaign by the Force throughout 2015 to help educate the public on how to protect themselves from cyber crime. It includes four main strands – young people, the elderly, homes and businesses. Each group is vulnerable in different ways and targeted advice will be issued to each.

Throughout the year various initiatives are planned to target those groups and offer assistance.

With that in mind the Force’s Crime Reduction Officer DC Chris Ingham and a member of the High Tech Crime Unit James Le Couilliard will be taking over Digital Jersey’s Digital Hub on Tuesday lunchtime for a drop in session where people can either pop in and ask questions or submit them via the Force’s Facebook and Twitter channels. The two officers will also be joined by Jon Tarrant, Jersey’s e-safety officer.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Beechey, who is leading the campaign, said: “We often find that whereas people are very used to protecting themselves in the real world they have less experience to apply this same attitude online.

“By offering simple tips and pointing them in the right direction if they need more in depth information we hope to be able to help people protect themselves from cyber attacks. Current estimates suggest that around 80% of all cyber crime can be prevented if people take simple steps to protect themselves and this is what we hope to help people achieve throughout the year.

“This first drop in session, which we hope to replicate throughout the year, will give people the chance to stop by and ask questions in person or if they are out of town or busy then they can submit them via our social media channels.”

The officers will be at the Digital Jersey Hub between 12 and 1.30pm on Tuesday. The Hub is located on Grenville Street opposite the Forum Pub.



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