Search Update - Road Checks

Officers from the States of Jersey Police will be out talking to motorists in the early hours of Saturday morning in the hopes of gathering new information about the disappearance of missing Adrian Lynch.

Officers will be stopping and talking to people between midnight and 3am to see if their appearance jogs anyone’s memory.

Adrian went missing in the early hours of Saturday, December 5th. He had been out at a works party at the Merton Hotel and was dropped off in a taxi at around midnight in the area of Carrefour Selous.

More than 15 sightings of Adrian, some positive and some inconclusive, have been reported in that area in the two hours following the drop off but nothing since. Adrian’s phone, wallet and belt were recovered in the area nearby.

Adrian lives at La Rue de la Bel Air, St Mary.

Sightings have been reported to police throughout the week and it’s hoped that someone who drives this route regularly may know something they haven’t realised is important.

Since his disappearance was reported to police on Saturday afternoon more than 10 agencies have been involved in the search, which has included open land search, deep and shallow water searching, house to house enquiries, use of Channel island Air Search, drones and Police Dogs.

Over the weekend a sonar camera will be used to recheck deep water areas which have already been covered by divers who have been working in very limited visibility.

Detective Inspector Steve Langford, who is leading a group of detectives whose roles include conducting house to house and CCTV reviews, said: “We hope the road check will give us any extra information about Adrian’s disappearance. People may not realise what they saw was significant but it could help us.

“We would urge anyone who was in the area last Saturday morning who may have seen anything to contact us on 612612.”


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