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The States of Jersey Police are committed to finding Adrian Lynch, that’s the message as search efforts are scaled down to concentrate on the investigative element of the inquiry.

Further searching will take place where there is information or evidence to support that.

Whilst search efforts have been going on for the past 16 days for missing Adrian, a team of detectives have been working behind the scenes following up more than 100 other lines of inquiry.

This has included everything from house to house enquiries, gathering witness statements and reviewing CCTV in the area.

Adrian went missing following his works Christmas Party at the Merton Hotel on Friday December 4th. He was dropped off by a taxi just after midnight in the area of Six Roads.

The potential sightings of Adrian after that time are as follows (all times are approximate) –

00:00 – Adrian is dropped off by a taxi at the junction of La Rue and Ruette D’Avranches

00:15 – Male seen looking unsteady on his feet by taxi passenger

00:15 – Seen by a driver leaning against a wall, then later lying in the road

00:20 – Seen speaking to driver

00:25 – Person spotted on a grassy bank in the area

00:35 – Second sighting of person in hedge

01:00 – Heard shouting in Rue de la Golarde, then seen by same person

01:10 – Seen by homeowner in Rue de la Golarde

01:35 – Seen by car driver near David Hicks

01:40 – Heard shouting by Bon Air Stables

01:50 – Spoken to homeowner in Le Clos de Devant

01:55 – Seen walking along St Lawrence Main Road by the junction of La Fraide Rue

02:00 – Heard shouting in St Lawrence Main Road

02:09/2:17 – Seen on Thistle Grove CCTV

08:40 – Mobile phone and wallet found

10:30 – Belt found

All sightings have been in a very tight area and searching has concentrated on these areas and then spreading outwards.

Significant areas of the parishes of St Lawrence, St Mary and St John have been checked and rechecked by a number of agencies involved in the search. This best practice is to ensure nothing is missed, however no trace of Adrian has been found.

The belief is that Adrian became disorientated, possibly suffering from hypothermia and found himself in a situation he then couldn’t get out of, which is why officers have appealed to homeowners a number of times to check their properties.

The sad truth is that Adrian is likely to be curled up in a ball potentially with his suit jacket pulled over his head and that is where he will be found.

There is still no evidence of any third party involvement.

Since the search began officers have been joined by searchers from the Honorary Police, Jersey Fire and Rescue, Jersey Search and Rescue, Ambulance Service, Normandy Rescue, British Red Cross, Channel Island Air Search, Ports of Jersey and St John’s Ambulance.

Mutual aid has also been called in from Humberside Police, Hampshire Police and Guernsey Police.

Amongst other things searchers have made use of Police Dogs, drones, night vision and sonar equipment.

All proportionate and realistically feasible physical search opportunities have now been exhausted covering an area of about 10 square kilometres / 4 square miles but the investigation will continue.

Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull said:

“As the public can imagine, despite our best efforts, the States of Jersey Police and all of the agencies who are supporting us are heartbroken that we haven’t yet been able to find Adrian and bring him home to his family".

“We also understand that it is difficult to hear that the search will now be scaled down so we can concentrate on the other lines of enquiry".

“We have methodically and systematically searched everywhere that we believe Adrian could be, anywhere where there has been some potential sighting or where he may have subsequently travelled. We still believe he may well be in that area somewhere, but it is in a difficult place where we have been unable to find him".

“We will be asked why we aren’t searching the whole island and the answer to this is simply that there is no evidence Adrian is anywhere else. In addition, even though we are a small island, in the absence of any clear evidence to the contrary, it is unrealistic to search some 45 square miles. As you can see from the timeline he was seen many times in a short space of time and was very vocal. We have had no reports or can find nothing to suggest he is anywhere else".

“We have taken guidance throughout the search from a UK expert who has agreed with the actions we have taken and the areas searched. We have also consulted with Adrian’s family throughout so they understand the reasoning behind all of our decisions. We are grateful for their continued support.”


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