Search for Adrian - CSI Dogs Used

Two CSI dogs from the UK have been brought to Jersey in the ongoing search for missing man Adrian Lynch.

The two dogs, also known as Victim Recovery Dogs, are trained to pick up the scent of blood and bodies.

The dogs will be working alongside their handlers in the areas of St Lawrence and surrounding parishes over the next two days.

Adrian has been missing since December 5th after being dropped off by a taxi in the area of Six Roads just after midnight following a works Christmas party. He was sighted numerous times in the following two hours but has not been seen since.

Officers believe he got out of the taxi, became disoriented, perhaps suffered hypothermia and has got himself into situation he then couldn’t get out of.
Its likely Adrian has curled up in a ball somewhere, perhaps with his suit jacket over his head and search teams as yet have been unable to find him.

The dogs have the ability to sniff a microscopic amount of blood, and indicate by either lying down or barking near to the scent.


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