Operation Taurus - Road Closure

The States of Jersey Police, with support of the Transport and Technical Services Department are planning to implement the closure of Mulcaster St from 10pm on Thursday evening in anticipation of a busy New Year’s Eve.

Operation Taurus, as it was named earlier in the year, diverted traffic away from Mulcaster St at busy periods during weekend evenings to maximise public safety. This will be repeated tomorrow night with large numbers of revellers expected to be out and about celebrating the New Year.

We would like to communicate this information as widely as possible to ensure minimal impact on those working tomorrow night, for example the Licensing Trade and Taxi associations and to also provide the public with advanced notice of the road closure and traffic diversions.

We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening.

Discussions continue with partners in respect to a longer term solution for NTE (Night Time Economy) safety in this particular area of the town.


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