Further Driver Appeal – Adrian Lynch Search

At 02:23 on Saturday 5th December a vehicle was seen to drive north past Thistlegrove, the small industrial estate on La Grande Route de St Laurent, just 6 minutes after a person believed to be Adrian had walked south past this point. The make and model of this vehicle is unknown but it is believed to be a high roofed car, possibly dark coloured.

At 02:34 hours a vehicle believed to be a taxi drove south past this point.

Police are very keen to identify and speak with the occupants of these vehicles as it’s possible they may have seen Adrian or have some information which may be of relevance to the enquiry, however insignificant that might appear to them to be.

There are also still a number of other vehicles that passed Thistlegrove between ten to midnight and a quarter to five in the morning that Police are yet to identify and repeat their request for drivers and occupants to make contact.

The Police can be contacted on 612612 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.


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