Further Appeal - Adrian Lynch Search

It is believed that 34 vehicles in total passed Thistlegrove on La Grande Route de St Laurent between 23:50 hours on Friday 4th and 04:45 hours on Saturday 5th December. Police want to identify and speak with all drivers and occupants of these vehicles as they may have some information which might assist, however insignificant that might appear to them to be, including taxi drivers. Some of these drivers will have already been spoken to but any others who have not yet spoken with Police are requested to make contact. A person believed to be Adrian was seen on CCTV outside Thistlegrove between 02:09 and 02:17 hours

Police also still want to speak with the occupant(s) of a vehicle stopped in the road opposite David Hick Antiques with its interior light on at about twenty minutes past midnight, and speaking with a male standing alongside who is believed to be Adrian

The Police can be contacted on 612612 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.


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