Adrian Lynch - Update

Police are continuing their appeal to homeowners to check their property for missing Adrian Lynch.

Adrian, 20, was last seen in the area of Carrefour Selous in the early hours of Saturday morning, having been dropped there by a taxi at midnight. The last confirmed sighting of him was two hours later in the area of Bon Air Stables.

Police are asking everyone within the parishes of St Lawrence, St Mary and St John to check their outbuildings and land.

Today 4,000 leaflets are being delivered by Jersey Post to those three parishes containing a photo of Adrian and his description.

Officers, staff and volunteers from 10 agencies were involved in the search yesterday. These were the States of Jersey Police including the use of Police Dogs, Honorary Police, Jersey Ambulance, Jersey Fire and Rescue, Jersey Search and Rescue, Normandy Rescue, St Johns Ambulance, British Red Cross, a dive team from the Ports of Jersey and Channel Island Air Search. A drone was also deployed.

Searches have continued overnight, including house to house enquiries, but were scaled down due to the visibility. However officers and volunteers are searching again this morning.

Police also ask if anyone within the three parishes has neighbours who are away to let Police HQ know on 612612 so that someone can search those properties.

Chief Inspector Lee Turner, who is leading the enquiry, said: “Adrian is a fit and healthy young man and we still believe there is a chance he is alive somewhere, possibly trapped or hurt.
We would ask everyone in those areas to check their property, and if you have done it once then please check again. If you are concerned about anything or want us to check for you then please call us on 612612.”

There is still no indication of any crime having been committed

The map shows the area where Adrian was last seen, courtesy of Google. The search parameters are wider than this but we are asking the public that live in this area to check their property and land. To clarify, the map shows Tamba Park in the top left hand corner, Bon Air Stables in the top right hand corner and Carrefour Selous towards the bottom in the middle of the image. 


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