Adrian Lynch - search so far

To date professional search teams have spent approximately 7,500 hours looking for missing Adrian Lynch.*

Teams from 10 agencies have spent days painstakingly combing specific areas of the island based on more than a dozen sightings of Adrian between midnight and 2.17am on Saturday, December 5th.

These agencies are States of Jersey Police, the Honorary Police, Jersey Fire and Rescue, Ports of Jersey, Jersey Ambulance Service, Jersey Search and Rescue, Normandy Rescue, the Red Cross, St John’s Ambulance and Channel Island Air Search.

Five officers have also been drafted in from Guernsey Police. A National Police Search Advisor has also come to the island from the College of Policing to look at the work undertaken so far.

As well as these agencies two officers from Humberside Police are in the island with the latest sonar equipment searching large expanses of water which have proved difficult for States divers due to depth and visibility.

Channel Island Air Search have spent seven hours in the air covering the area from Carrefour Selous and St Lawrence, and the northern parishes of St John, St Mary and Trinity, having been deployed on both the 6th and 10th of December.

To date the drone has been on 55 reconnaissance flights, covering 74,000 metres. During the flight the drone has taken 30 videos and 1060 aerial images which are downloaded and reviewed in detail after each flight.

Detectives have taken more than 55 witness statements and viewed more hours of CCTV viewed.

During formal house to house enquiries 242 homes have been visited and 450 people from those homes spoken to. Hundreds of other property owners have been spoken to throughout the course of the search.

*Based on 70 staff per day, working on average 12 hours a day for nine days (Sunday – Monday - searching in its current form began properly on Sunday 6th as Adrian wasn’t reported missing until late Saturday)


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