Adrian Lynch road check results

Officers from the States of Jersey Police and Honorary Police were out in the early hours of the morning talking to motorists about the disappearance of Adrian Lynch.

Dozens of motorists were spoken to between midnight and 3am to glean any extra information about the last known movements of Adrian who has not been seen for seven days.

Officers spoke to 235 occupants of 141 cars including cars, taxis, buses and car back services.

Most had not travelled through the area last Saturday morning, and those that did had no information to further the investigation.

Adrian went missing in the early hours of Saturday, December 5th. He had been out at a works party at the Merton Hotel and was dropped off in a taxi at around midnight in the area of Carrefour Selous.

Today the search for Adrian continues, with sonar equipment brought over by Humberside Police being used to recheck areas of water, including difficult to reach areas such as wells.

More than a dozen sightings of Adrian have been reported in that area in the two hours following the drop off but nothing since. Adrian’s phone, wallet and belt were recovered in the area nearby.


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