Adrian Lynch driver appeal

Officers from the States of Jersey Police are appealing to a driver who may have spoken to Adrian Lynch immediately following his taxi drop off.

Another witness believes he potentially saw Adrian talking to a car driver, at first he thought this was the taxi that dropped Adrian off but having watched the media coverage believes his sighting was slightly later.

Police are appealing for this driver to come forward.

The sighting occurred around 12.20am on the junction of Six Roads. The witness was parked at David Hicks and looked back down to the junction to see a car driver talking to a young man, believed to be Adrian, who was leaning against the wall. The vehicle had the interior light on at the time.

As yet this driver hasn’t come forward.

Adrian was seen a number of times following this potential sighting however officers want to know what the conversation was and if you could give any more clues to Adrian’s whereabouts or intentions.

Officers are also again appealing to homeowners to check their properties, or any property which would have been in the area at the time i.e. boats and trailers in case Adrian has taken shelter and become trapped.

Any information should be reported to police on 612612.


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