Adrian Lynch - Potential CCTV

Officers working on the investigation of missing Adrian Lynch have obtained CCTV footage from a commercial premises situated along La Grande Route de St Laurent.

The camera shows a person walking in a northerly direction past the property at 02:09am. The person is seen again at 02:17 walking back in the opposite direction.

As the last known sighting of Adrian was at around 02:00am, only a short distance away on the same road, officers believe that the person captured on this footage is highly likely to be Adrian.

The change in direction shown on the CCTV footage, reinforces the belief that Adrian was disorientated, as he his captured walking north but several minutes later, for some reason, he changes direction and heads south.

The police have received reports of 15 sightings of Adrian in the two hours after he was dropped off by taxi at a junction near to Carrefour Selous. Some of these sightings are positive and some remain inconclusive, but the CCTV footage just after 02:00am is currently the last known sighting of who the police believe is Adrian.

Tonight anniversary road checks will take place between midnight and 3am at Carrefour Selous where officers will be stopping and talking to motorists to try and jog anyone’s memory.

Adrian went missing in the early hours of Saturday, December 5th after attending is work’s party at the Merton Hotel. A taxi later dropped him off in the area of Carrefour Selous at approximately midnight.


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