Adrian Lynch - CCTV Appeal

As the search for missing Islander Adrian Lynch continues, the police are appealing to owners of commercial and residential property who may have CCTV, to get in touch.

A dedicated email has been set up to facilitate these enquiries.

Anyone with CCTV on their premises in the areas of St John, St Mary and St Lawrence are being asked to contact police. Property owners within St Peter situated north-east of La Grande Route de St Pierre and La Route de Beaumont are also asked to contact police if they have CCTV on their premises.

Officers have requested that emails be sent to the above dedicated email address and that they answer just a few questions on their email so that various CCTV locations can be prioritised.

When emailing the police about their CCTV property owners are asked to list:

1. The exact location of their CCTV
2. What area is covered in the footage
3. What system the CCTV is
4. What is the retention period (i.e. 24hrs / 1 week / 1 month etc.)
5. A contact phone number

Adrian went missing in the early hours of Saturday, December 5th after attending a works party at the Merton Hotel. He was later dropped off by a taxi in the area of Carrefour Selous at around midnight.


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