St Lawrence Fire

Emergency services were called to a small workshop fire on La rue de la Blanche Pierre in St Lawrence at 06:30 this morning.

The fire is being brought under control by the Fire Service.

All emergency services are on the scene and are working together.

There are gas cylinders within the workshop and an evacuation zone of 100 meters has been established.

There are no casualties.

Members of the public are advised to stay away from the area.

All nearby residents are advised to keep indoors with their windows closed if they are in the ‘wind cloud’ area.


Traffic information:

Road Closed: at the bottom of LA RUE DE LA VILLE EMPHRIE from Mont Felard

Road closed: at the top and bottom of LA RUE DE LA BLANCHE PIERRE 

Officers on scene are directing vehicle’s down alternative routes

Liberty Bus request school children waiting at the war tunnels for their bus to walk down to the main road where they will be collected.


St Lawrence Fire Update

St Lawrence Fire - Threat reduced


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