St Lawrence fire extinguished

The fire at the property on La Rue de la Blanche Pierre in St Lawrence has now been fully extinguished.

Roads in the area have been re-opened and the effected residents have been allowed to return to their properties, however some restricted access still exists on La Rue de la Blanche Pierre.

All previous risk and concern in relation to the gas cylinders has been negated, however the workshop in question remains under cordon, awaiting a fire investigation.

The minimal cordon that is still in place will be manned by our Honorary Police colleagues.

Limited members of the Fire & Rescue Service also remain in the area in a preventative role to ensure against any re-ignition danger.

The States of Jersey Police would like to thank all those in the area that were affected directly by the fire or the traffic disruption, for their understanding and patience. We are particularly grateful to the nearby residents who went out their way to offer their facilities and support to the Emergency Services who were dealing with the incident.

We can confirm that there were no casualties and no injuries, and there are no suspicious circumstances at this time.


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