Jersey officers support national alcohol awareness drive

The States of Jersey Police are supporting a national campaign this week to raise awareness of the effects and risks associated with drinking.

The Alcohol Awareness Week campaign (September 15 - 21), initiated by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), aims to raise awareness of alcohol and its effects, whilst educating people about how they can avoid the associated risks by reducing the amount they drink.

Despite being an incredibly safe place to live, alcohol consumption does have a great impact on crime levels, including many offences relating to the night time economy and domestic violence.

The campaign aims to highlight the realities of dealing with drunkenness and alcohol related incidents, as well as the impact on the police.

Sgt Leo Sheridan said: “Dealing with the consequences of irresponsible drinking in the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights is a significant draw on police resources.

“If people drank responsibly these resources could be invested in other policing priorities and the community would benefit.”

Over the course of the week the campaign will be promoted through social media and will focus on a number of factors around alcohol harm including;

  • Domestic violence - the impact it has and the effects of alcohol.
  • Drink Driving - individuals putting themselves and others at risk through their own selfish behaviour.
  • Pre-loading of alcohol resulting in excessive consumption and leaving the user vulnerable.

Sgt Sheridan said: “Excessive drinking is a community-wide issue but this focus week gives us the chance to talk about it and hopefully get people talking and looking more closely at the problem.”


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