David Miller family statement

David had just finished his Civil and Structural Engineering degree at Leeds University in June, where he was on a first.

He left Jersey on July 18th to undertake a six week work placement as part of a scholarship at a mining company in Australia. He then travelled to Thailand for a well-deserved break with one of his very good friends.

He was due to leave Thailand today (Sept 16th).

He was much looking forward to the remainder of his time in South East Asia before coming back to complete the masters for his degree.

Today David’s family said:

“David was an artist by temperament, so talented. He had a creative eye that he carried with him through life and in his degree.

“He was hard-working, bright and conscientious, with everything to look forward to.

“David was very giving to his family and friends and we all adored him. He will be sorely, sorely missed.”


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