Operation Locknut given cash boost

The drive to reduce bike thefts in Jersey has been given a boost – with a three –year sponsorship promise by The Channel Islands Co-operative Society.

Earlier this year the Force launched a campaign to get every bike on the island marked, named Operation Locknut.

So far, hundreds of bikes have been registered on, but with the marking kits coming at a cost sponsorship was sought to keep up the valuable work and enable officers to offer this service to the public for free.

Now, the Co-operative has pledged to donate £3,500 per year for the next three years to enable the scheme to continue.

Sergeant Paul Byrne said: “Our aim is to get every bike in the island security marked and registered on line, making life increasingly difficult for thieves.

“We have already been able to use the register when trying to reunite people with their bike so we would encourage everyone to either come to one of our events or pop in to the Enquiry Desk to get your bike marked.

“We are grateful to The Co-operative for supporting this worthwhile campaign which will only serve to drive crime down further on the island.

“The process takes five minutes and means if the worst should happen we can stand a better chance of reuniting you with your bike.

“As well as this we will be around to chat about how best to lock your bike, where to lock it and how to report your bike stolen if it does happen.”

The Society’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jim Plumley, said: “The Channel Islands Co-operative Society are delighted to support the States of Jersey Police with this very worthwhile free service to the Jersey community.”

Bike marking events are currently scheduled for –

  • Wednesday 29th October – 5pm – 6.30pm at Bel Royal
  • Monday 10th November 8am – 9.30am at West Park
  • Wednesday 26th November 5pm – 6.30pm at Steam Clock
  • Monday 8th December 8am – 9.30am at West Park
  • Wednesday 17th December 5pm – 6.30pm at Bel Royal

Alternatively people can visit the Enquiry Desk at Police Headquarters to have their bikes marked.


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