Jersey Lifts update

Almost 30 people have been interviewed by officers as part of the focus on the dangers of Jersey Lifts.

Having given information about some very real dangers associated with the Jersey based illegal taxi services, 28 people have been formally interviewed by the police with the majority showing remorse towards using this illegal service. Of those people 26 have been given formal words of advice and two remain under investigation.

Inspector Mark Coxshall, head of the Operational Support Unit, said: “Those who have engaged with offering lifts have, in many cases, been naive to the apparent risks with some having left the police station visibly upset by the experience. Many parents have also been supportive and have committed to helping their children stay safe by not continuing to engage with this service. Some parents were simply not aware.”

The States of Jersey Police released a number of facts to the media during September aimed at trying to minimise risk to those who continue to offer illegal taxi services.

Inspector Coxshall said: “Previous attempts to dissuade the public appear not to have been as effective as we had hoped and we simply want to stop someone from getting hurt. This year, we have monitored the more frequent users posting on this site and then we have formally interviewed them regarding potential criminality. Crimes of this nature are inherently difficult to prove and so we have adopted a more disruptive style of policing to heighten awareness and prevent harm to those involved.”

“In one case, a young girl that we interviewed left the police station and immediately posted a communication to dissuade others from using this site. This is exactly the type of response that we had hoped for, particularly if it stops something bad from taking place”.

The Force will now continue to monitor the site in the hope that those who have been spoken to will have learnt their lesson. The risks remain to those who chose to ignore our advice and that position is regrettable.

Inspector Coxshall said: “If we have stopped one person from continuing to use this facility then this will have been a success.”


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