Body Worn Video cameras bought

More officers will be wearing Body Worn Video (BWV) cameras in Jersey from next month, thanks to cash confiscated from criminals.

The 30 new cameras, and the infrastructure that is needed to run them, have been bought with money from the Criminal Confiscation Fund.

The equipment, which cost almost £33,000, will be in use from the 1st December.

The introduction follows a successful trial which involved six cameras. The trial and subsequent introduction was approved by the Police Authority.

In the next month officers across uniform operations and crime services who haven’t used the cameras in the past will receive training to get them up to speed.

Inspector Sarah Henderson, who led the Body Worn Video (BWV) project, said: “The use of body worn cameras has been common place in the UK for many years and it is something we have found that we can benefit from here.
“It provides independent evidence to support the prosecution of offenders, deter anti-social behaviour and ultimately improve community safety.

“Showing offender’s footage of their behaviour, whether via CCTV or on a BWV has led to them pleading guilty at an earlier stage and that has many effects – it means officers do not need to spend so long putting a case together, it means the court process is quicker and that ultimately results in less of a cost to the taxpayer.”

Details of the policy related to BWV can be found on the States of Jersey Police’s website at


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