Police car RTC

At 5.20am this morning the States of Jersey Police received a radio call from one of its officers who had been involved in a single vehicle road traffic collision.

When further officers got to the scene the car was on its roof. The driver was not responding to an emergency incident at the time.

The 38-year-old officer has been taken to hospital, but it is not believed his injuries are life threatening or life changing, however at this stage he is being kept in.

The RTC occurred on La Grande Route de la Cote, and at this stage no other cars are believed to be involved.

Crash investigators are at the scene and the road, between Ponterson Lane and Samares Lane, could be closed for several hours.

Once the investigation is complete the file will be sent to the Attorney General who oversees all collisions involving police vehicles. A decision will then be made about whether any offences took place.

Anyone who witnessed the RTC or the car in the lead up to it is asked to call 612612.


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