Lost and Found items

Numerous pictures of jewellery have been released by the States of Jersey Police today in a bid to help identify their owners.

Lost and found items, either turned in by a member of the public or found by an officer, are logged throughout the year and stored in the Lost and Found department at Police HQ.

The force currently has a wide range of jewellery and other items, which have been held at the station now for a number of months.

 Police Sergeant Karl Chapman from the Criminal Justice department said ‘We hope that by releasing these images online, it will help someone recognise their jewellery. The photos show a wide range of gold and silver pendant’s, bracelets and rings, many of which are engraved – which we hope will help with identification. We understand that jewellery often has strong sentimental value and we would very much like to reunite some of these objects with their owners’

As well as the collection of photos shown above, there is also a list of ‘Lost and Found’ items that can be viewed in the document below. The ‘question marks’ have been put in place where we need the owner to confirm a name or a year etc.

If any members of the public would like to claim property which they believe is theirs, they can contact our ‘Lost and Found’ department on 612305 with an accurate description of the item that was lost.




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