Jersey Police launch Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme

A new initiative aimed at improving road safety in Jersey is being launched this week.

The Vehicle Defect Rectification scheme (VDRS) will allow officers to use discretionary powers to ensure minor car defects have to be fixed, without the need to resort to punitive measures.

People will then have seven days to fix the defects or risk facing prosecution.

Acting Inspector Paul Smith said: “With the scheme launching this week we would ask everyone to check their vehicles and ensure that they are in a suitable condition. It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is up to scratch, as well as your registration document and driving licence address being up-to-date.

“This scheme gives officers the ability to warn people of defects and ensure they are fixed, rather than giving them words of advice and hoping they take notice, or alternatively charging them with an offence immediately. Defects which fall under this scheme are absolute offences, meaning the driver is guilty of the offence even if they are unaware of the fault.

“There are a lot of cars on our roads with defects and we need to ensure that these are addressed, for the safety of road users.

“For those cars that are clearly dangerous, or where it is clear that the driver is aware of the fault but has chosen not to address it, they will still be prosecuted.


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