Firearms Incident, Witness Appeal

DATE and TIME: 24th of May 2014 17:40 hours

LOCATION: The Grand Hotel, The Esplanade

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Firearms Incident

APPEAL DETAILS:  Following a report of two males, one of whom was believed to be in possession of a firearm outside the Grand Hotel Officers were immediately deployed to the area and the two males were subsequently located and arrested in the Westmount area by a Police Dog unit.  An imitation firearm has been recovered.

Although the matter was resolved quickly it is believed that there were a number of witnesses to the conduct of these males, including a male taxi driver, seen parking a White Toyota, in Pierson Road who briefly interacted with these males as he walked towards the nearby Public Toilets.

Any witnesses to this incident are requested to contact Police Headquarters.  This is an isolated incident and there is no concern for public safety.


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