Busting myths around rape


As part of the continued focus on the perception of rape the States of Jersey Police is releasing its 3rdMyth a Month video; this time concentrating on the issues of consent and the commonly asked question: “If someone’s drunk is it rape?”

Every month the Force is challenging another common myth around the topic of rape and sexual violence and replacing it with what the real picture is.

The initiative is part of the Force’s long term rape campaign entitled “Ask. Listen. Respect” which aims to educate the public, as well as encouraging victims to come forward.

 The 3rd month centres around the myth -

 “The women was drunk and probably got what she was asking for.”

 When in fact -

  • -       If a person is unconscious or their judgement is impaired by alcohol or drugs, legally they are unable to give consent.
  • -       Having non-consensual sex with a person who is intoxicated amounts to rape.

 Detective Sergeant Louise Clayson, who works within the Criminal Investigation Department said: “Perpetrators often deliberately target women who have been consuming alcohol because they are thought to be more vulnerable. An attacker may choose to exploit the victim’s lack of communication as consent, but sexual contact with someone unable to agree to have sex, for whatever reason, is considered rape. If a person is drunk or drugged, and are incapable of making decisions for themselves, then the individual cannot legally consent to sexual activity.”

 “Alcohol and drugs are not an excuse – or an alibi for rape. The key question is still: did they consent or not? Regardless of whether they were drunk or sober, if the sex is non-consensual, it is rape.” 


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