Advice following cycle thefts

Officers are asking the public to know how to secure their bikes properly following a number of bike thefts.

So far this year* there have been 59 bikes stolen, with a combined value of around £12,500, an average bike value of £328.

In around a quarter of these offences no locks were used, a quarter were from break and entries/illegal entries and half were secured. However of this half where padlocks were used they were often poorly applied, either with cheap locks or bikes being padlocked to themselves or moveable objects.

Acting Inspector Paul Smith said: “Lack of security awareness remains a key factor in pedal cycle thefts, with half of all stolen bikes not being chained up. The simple task of locking your bike properly, with a decent lock may sound like obvious but it is apparent how many people aren’t doing it.”

The Force launched Operation Locknut earlier this year with the aim of reducing bike thefts, this has involved a high visibility poster campaign, as well as offering free bike marking to all islanders.

AI Smith said: “Our bike marking sessions have been really well attended but there is lots more we can do to stop bike thieves. We will be holding a number of other sessions for bike marking so keep an eye for them, or pop in to the enquiry desk at any time and we can mark your bike for you.

“We would also ask people to leave their bikes at designated bike racks, where there is CCTV, which is obviously a deterrent for thieves. Also invest in a decent lock. If you need more advice on what to buy all the information you need is on our website.”

Further information about bike security is available here.



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