Warning following fuel thefts

Officers are asking islanders to be vigilant about suspicious behaviour around boats following the thefts of fuel.

Since the beginning of March there have been four reported thefts of fuel from three different sites around the island.

The thefts took place from St Helier harbour, St Aubin’s harbour and two from Ouisne. All are currently under investigation.

Officers are issuing advice to boat owners to help make property more secure

• Anti - siphoning kits could be considered to prevent unauthorised siphoning of fuel from your vessel.

• Make a complete inventory of your equipment, especially outboard motors. Photograph items which are distinctive and keep with your inventory.

• Mark property with your post code and name/house number in a concealed area.

• The best way to keep thieves from stealing property is to not leave valuables on board – removing electronic equipment and other valuables will eliminate the majority of thefts.

• Additional locks and security hinges can assist to improve the security of your boat.

• Many boat thieves are successful because they look like they belong to the area. A tactful offer to assist a stranger in finding a person or boat will help to deter a thief and will assist a genuine person.

• Lightweight hasps and locks are easily broken or cut, providing access to equipment stored in lockers. Outboard motor locks and quality shielded “heavy duty” locks can assist. Inflatable tenders are easily moved and are a popular item for resale. Secure your tender to a fixed point, using a quality chain or lock.

Officers are asking anyone with information to contact Headquarters on 612612 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


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