Two arrested for drugs possession

Two islanders have been caught in possession of Class B drugs following what they thought to be the purchase of so-called “legal highs”.

However in both cases the products contained illegal Class B drugs.

For many months officials in Jersey have been warning islanders that the term “legal highs” was a nonsense and they should instead be called New Psychoactive Substances as there is no way of knowing what the drugs contain.

In the first case a 15-year-old boy had bought a drug called Pandora off the internet, the drug contained a cocktail of illegal elements. He appeared at Youth Court yesterday charged with possession of Class B drugs.

In a second unrelated case a 40-year-old man was found in possession of a NPS called GoGain, when analysed by experts it was found to contain the banned drug ethylphenidate. The investigation is on-going, but he has yet to be charged.

Detective Chief Inspector Chris Beechey said: “For a while now we have been warning islanders about the dangers of NPS’. There is absolutely no way for people to know what they are taking and whether or not it is legal. These two cases show that what they thought was legal was in fact not.

“In the eyes of the law ignorance is no excuse and to have a charge of drug possession on your record has the potential to destroy everything you have worked for.

“Aside from that there are also the health implications that you have no idea what you are putting into your body and the effects. Do you think these people selling the drugs care what happens to you?”


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