More bike marking sessions

Once again on Sunday officers will be offering islanders the chance to get their bikes registered for free at a location out west this time.

 The idea is to ensure that every bike on the island is registered, this means that if it is stolen, officers will have the best chance of reuniting it with its owner.

 Islanders are being encouraged to bring their bikes to a number of marking events and community surgeries and get them security marked and registered for free on

 Bikeregister is an online bicycle identification and registration initiative aiming to reduce cycle theft, identify stolen bikes and assist with owner recovery.

 The next surgery is due to be held at –

  - Les Quennevais Precinct from 14.00hrs to 17.00hrs

 People can also pop into the Enquiry Desk at Police Headquarters to get their bikes marked, just fill in the form below and drop in to the desk.

Bike marking form

Acting Inspector Jez Payne said:

 “When people spend have spent a substantial amount of money on their pedal cycles it is imperative that they don’t just spend pennies on their locks” This initiative we hope will discourage cycle thefts however we still need the public to be vigilant when securing their cycles.”

 “We often find that when members of the public report their bike stolen they do not know what their serial number is or sometimes what their bike looks like. As you can appreciate this makes it increasingly difficult for officers to reunite the bike with the owner if it is subsequently recovered.

 “We would like everyone to pop down to one of these marking events and let us register your bike for you. It should only take a few minutes of your time and hopefully will help cut crime in the island.”


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