Launch of Operation Locknut

Watching cycle thieves is on the agenda for 2014 as officers launch Operation Locknut.

The States of Jersey Police will be launching a poster campaign in an attempt to target cycle thefts, as well as moves to get every bicycle on island security marked (registered.)

In 2013 there were 150 bicycles stolen, which is more than half that of 2010 (320) however still too many for a small island.

The “eye-catching” posters, sponsored by Jersey Crimestoppers, have been used by other jurisdictions and have shown a marked reduction in bike thefts, originally being trialled at Newcastle University over a two-year period.

They will be on display on cycle racks around town, as well as in car parks.

Coupled with the posters will be a drive to get everyone in the island to get their bike security marked and registered on an on-line website. Often when investigating a bike theft officers find the victim does not have basic details of the bike which makes it increasingly difficult to reunite them with their property if it’s recovered.

To combat this officers will be holding a number of bike marking events and community surgeries where people can bring their bike and get them security marked and registered for free on BikeRegister is an online bicycle identification and registration initiative aiming to reduce cycle theft, identify stolen bikes and assist owner recovery.

These will be held at –

 Grande Marche – Rue La Masurier – March 9th, 1pm until 5pm.

 West Park – March 10th and 11th , for cyclists on their daily commute, between 7.30am and 9am and 4.30pm and 6pm.

As well as these three slots all shifts will be doing engagement events in the

parishes and at schools where they will offer security marking. People can also pop into the Enquiry Desk at Police Headquarters to get their bikes marked.

Inspector Tim Barnes said: “Our aim is to get as many pedal cycles as possible (every bike in the island) security marked and registered on line, making life increasingly difficult for thieves. The process takes five minutes and means if the worst should happen we can stand a better chance of reuniting you with your bike.

“As well as this we will be around to chat about how best to lock your bike, where to lock it and how to report your bike stolen if it does happen.”


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