10 road collisions on Saturday

Police are warning drivers to not lose focus in the nice weather – following 10 road collisions during Saturday daytime.

Thankfully, there were only minor injuries sustained, but officers are warning islanders still to drive with care now the sun is out.

Acting Inspector Dave Turnbull said: “It is incredibly unusual for us to get so many collisions in such a short space of time and all we can assume is that people were a little bit more relaxed than normal and did not take their usual care.

“We would just remind people to stay safe, whatever the weather. Luckily on this occasion there were no serious injuries, but that could have been a very different story.”

The collisions occurred as followed –

  • 7am – La Haule Hill – single vehicle, no injury.
  • 7.25am – La Rue des Alleurs, Gorey – two vehicle, no injury.
  • 9.45am – La Route de Maufant – two vehicle, no injury.
  • 12.45pm – Victoria Avenue – two vehicle hit and run, no injury.
  • 1.45pm – La Rue de Causie – two vehicle, no injury.
  • 1.45pm – Cheapside – Car vs pedestrian, minor injury to pedestrian.
  • 2.15pm – Sandybrook – Car vs bicycle, no injury.
  • 2.40pm – Le Clos de Gorey – Car vs motorbike, minor injuries to pillion passenger.
  • 5.20pm – Victoria Avenue – two vehicle, no injuries.
  • 6pm – Beresford Street – two vehicle, no injuries.

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