Family’s tribute to Siobhan

“Our beloved daughter Siobhan was sadly and unexpectedly taken from us last Wednesday. Words cannot express the shock and grief we are feeling at the moment but we are very grateful for the messages of support both personal and on Facebook that have been helping us to deal with this tragedy. We have received such great support from The States of Jersey Police who are helping us directly and from Beaulieu Convent School who are helping Siobhan’s friends through this difficult time.”

“While the police investigation continues we do not wish to say too much but Siobhan had more talents than she was ever prepared to admit and big aims for the future. For the long term she was starting to look forward to a career working with children while in the short term she had decided that she wanted to enter and complete the ITEX walk along with other challenges. She always cared about others, maybe more than herself, and was always prepared to listen. From the messages of support we know how much she was loved and the impact she had on others when she came into contact with them.”

“It is the nature of today’s world of instant messaging and social networks that word spreads fast and that everyone has a medium by which they can communicate and support each other. All the information about Siobhan is already out there on the web but we are grateful for the support of the media for their sensitivity at this time and ask that they continue to respect our privacy while honouring Siobhan’s memory. We have released a photo of Siobhan and this statement in the hope that the public story can now end and the people affected by Siobhan’s death can be left to start the healing process in their own ways.”

Andrew, Mia and Michael Harvey


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