Missing Firearm


Police are concerned about a lost or stolen firearm and are urgently appealing to the public for information that may assist in its recovery. The weapon was reported missing by the owner. It is unclear at this stage at what time or in what location the firearm went.

Whilst the firearm was unloaded and there was no ammunition with it public safety remains a priority therefore the quicker it is located the better. We would encourage anyone who may know of its whereabouts to contact the police.


DATE and TIME: Between 13:00 hrs and 15:46 hrs on Friday, 30th May 2014

LOCATION: Between Newton & Newton and Roberts Garage

TYPE OF INCIDENT: Missing Firearm

APPEAL DETAILS: A firearm has gone missing from a silver Mitsubishi car somewhere between Newton & Newton and Roberts Garage in St.Helier between 13.00hrs and 15.46hrs on Friday.

The weapon, described as a black Glock 9mm pistol, was collected from the local fire arms dealership at 13.00hrs. It was then driven, via the Monterey hotel, to Roberts Garage at Springfield. Here it was left unattended in the unlocked car, and later reported missing
The fire arm was contained in a black zip-up handgun case made of canvas and there was no ammunition with the weapon.

Police would like anyone with information to contact them on 612612 or or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


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