Emergency Services Advertising scam

The States of Jersey Police are warning islanders to beware of fraudulent advertising companies – after receiving several calls from concerned members of the public.

The calls relate to people being approached by fraudulent advertising companies in the UK purporting to represent “Emergency Services” publications.

There are many small publishing companies, especially from the Liverpool and Manchester area, which approach Jersey businesses, offering cheap adverts in so-called “Emergency Services” publications.

Unfortunately, these are bona fide companies which do exist and have come to notice in the past, but because they do produce publications Trading Standards are unable to close them down.

There are many small companies in the UK which try the same scam.

Crime Reduction Officer Jeremy House said: “These are not new scams but we have had several complaints in the past few weeks.

“These companies do exist but the product they offer is poor and if you question who they are they tend to get aggressive.

“Our advice is to be vigilant and if in doubt there is no harm in checking.”

Companies that do wish to advertise with any other company should ask to see proof copies, ask what circulation is available, and what distribution is available.

The States of Jersey Police highly recommend that Islanders ignore these approaches if they are not sure of the company contacting them, and not be involved in any business transactions with them.

The only agency the States of Jersey Police authorises is the Crime Reduction Agency. This company prints the Business Crime Booklet, which the States of Jersey Police gives out.

Any application for advertising with this company has to be initiated by the Crime Reduction Agency showing a letter of introduction, stamped and signed by a States of Jersey Police Chief Inspector.

If any company has issues with other companies purporting to be advertising for the Emergency Services, then they are best advised to contact the Trading Standards offices on tel 448160, email

Advice on personal security and scams is available via the Crime Reduction Officer at Police Headquarters on 612345.


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